Friday, January 31, 2014

Shop Finishes: Hats and a Quilt

I was on a roll this week getting so much done! I wanted to post it all at once and I had to wait until I did the last of the binding. I finished two hats, cut fabric for a quilt along, and basted, quilted, and bound a baby quilt! On to the photo fun...

Seriously, couldn't you just die?! I just adore this hat on my sweet baby. I found the pattern here and I couldn't resist. I also listed them for sale in my shop here.

I also got an order for this adorable tiny fire hat. It's a newborn size and I just love how cute and small it is.

Here's a size comparison. Isn't it just sweet? The listing is here.

Melissa from Happy Quilting is doing another quilt along. I just had to join in since I've done all but one of her other ones. To me, the corner block in the Star Light Star Bright pattern totally looks like a bat so I went with it and I'm making two Halloween pillows for my couch. I have a quilt in a different pattern planned too but I'll save that until it gets closer to Halloween.

Some of you may wonder how I get so much done with a six month-old and four other kids. Well, this is how we roll. Ruby loves to watch the fabric come out of the machine. The three oldest have school most of the day and the other one either plays next to me or is napping (he takes about a three hour nap every day!) So, even with keeping up with the house and chores I have a lot of time on my hands to do what I love!

Speaking of what I love... here's my latest quilt for the shop.

I think the backing and binding choice for this one are so fun! I almost like the back more than the front. This is another finish off my 2014Q1FAL list found here.

I did zigzag lines on every row that continued all the way through the quilt. So every third strip. It made cute little squares on the back and it looks so fun on the front. I did a first for me and used bight colored thread for the quilting.

 I had a great week for finishes and I'm linking up with Finish it Up Friday and TGIFF. Go check them out for great inspiration!


  1. Yeah! I'm doing the Star Light Quilt along too. :) Pillows are a great idea!

  2. Your baby is so adorable in that hat! Love it!

  3. Oh yes I love that backing fabric too! And I agree about the hat - looks like so much fun!

  4. OMG your sweet baby and that hat!!! SOOO adorable!! The quilt is awesome but your sweet little girl just stole the show!!! :)

  5. Cute hats! That cabbage patch hat made me laugh :D

  6. Very cute projects! I love the pic with the baby next to your machine... Adorable! :-)

  7. So fun to do pillows in halloween fabric!! And your little Ruby is getting so big so fast!!

  8. Aww look at those tiny hats! Love the Cabbage Patch one!!


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