Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So, I'm leaving for Quiltcon in a few hours. You'd think the last few days would have been full of preparations for that, but I got the big stuff all done last week. I've been putting off the little things, like packing though.

In my defense I also did the laundry, dishes, and some deep cleaning this week. Maybe nervous energy is a better term. I can't seem to sit still because I'm so excited for QUILTCON!!

I got an order for a set of newborn photo props. Irritatingly the crown got stretched out when I tried to starch it so it has to be redone but everything else is finished for when I get back. I'm excited to see these on a baby and to share them with you.

I'm making a twin size Hazel Hedgehog quilt for my oldest daughter. There were a million tiny little pieces to cut out for this. I'm going to chain piece the heck out of them when I get home but I wasn't feeling ambitious enough to start before I left.

I decided to bring some knitting on the plane because it's light and travels well. Of course I needed a new knitting bag! I have been saving this Lotus Pond fabric for a while now and just love it!

I used this tutorial, found on In Color Order, for the bag. I bought the ribbon at my LQS and have no idea who made it but it looks so cute with my fabric.

It fits my current project perfectly!

So, yesterday I had everything gathered to pack, the house was clean, dishes and laundry done and put away. So, I started another project. See, nervous energy. I'm participating in the Sew My Stash this year and there is currently a Precuts Party going on. The basic idea is make something with precuts from your stash. I've had these and all the fabric, including the back and binding for a while now and I whipped up this quilt top yesterday. Fun stuff!

Then this happened! I went to bed last night and my iron was fine and working well to press the borders of the above quilt. I went to turn it on this morning and it wouldn't turn on when plugged in. I also noticed this crack. I have no idea if they are related or not but boo! I just got this iron for Christmas and hope it can be replaced. I so don't have the money to buy another one.

With the tragic loss of the iron this finally happened. All packed and ready to go. Maybe I'll do some knitting or scrub the bathrooms because I still can't seem to sit still.
I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday and the Precuts Party!

UPDATE: Quiltcon is awesome! I'm loving the whole experience and can't wait to share my adventures here. In the mean time you can catch me on Instagram and I'll be linking up with TGIFF.


  1. I am so jealous that you get to go to QuiltCon! I hope you have an amazing time! Sorry about your iron! That is no fun! I love all of your projects! The bags are so cute! I am loving the quilt top too! :-)

  2. Your new Happy Weekender looks great! And that bag is awesome. Have fun at Quiltcon... I'll look forward to following your adventures on IG. I'm hoping to make it to Quiltcon when it goes to the East Coast in a couple of years. :-)

  3. Love your procraftination! And really, it sounds like you got LOTS of non-crafty adventures done, too. Have fun at Quiltcon! So jealous!

  4. You certainly have been busy. I really like how your bag turned out. I procraftnate as well, and after a week's long quilt project I have to stop and clean the house. I hope you had fun at QuiltCon. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.


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