Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Progress, New Projects, and a Do-over

I've been pulled so many directions this week it feels like I accomplished nothing on anything, but I had a lot of fun doing what little I had so that's a win! I'm doing three Instagram swaps that just started or are starting now - Alison Glass Mini Swap, Cotton and Steel Mini Swap, and Pincushion Swap. I'm so excited about each of these and have had so much fun working up my mosaics and finding new people to follow. I've also be been sewing getting ready for Quiltcon (how is it only two weeks until my flight?!) and working on some swoon blocks and other projects. Check it out...

My SIL is sweet enough to house me during Quiltcon (she lives in the next town over) and is even going the extra mile to drive me around. She is a huge Harry Potter fan so I've taken this block and enlarged it and it's going on the front of a Super Tote. The fabric is an awesome crosshatch from V. and Co.'s new line Color Theory. I need to finish this bag before my flight in two weeks so I'm making it my February ALYoF goal.

So, when I was basting my Lotus Pond quilt I noticed some bad ruffling in the borders. GRR! Those triangles were super stretchy and I didn't notice the problem until it was basted. So I had to go back and unpick the borders and I have to resew them. Until then it's on my banister as a reminder.

On a happier note I received an order for this fox hat this week. This is adult size and I think the little eyes turned out so cute on this one! You can find this and others in my shop here.

I also joined up with the #swoonalong2015 on Instagram. Basically we finish a block a month and post it with the hashtag. It's a great way to make this project a little less daunting. I'm using Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. I paired them up already by block - that took a while! I'm so happy to be using them as these have been begging to be put to good use for a while now.

Excuse the bad lighting. I finished January's blocks on the night of the 31st and this is the best I could do. Even with the bad picture, LOVE!

So, I have this obsession with large quilts, the bigger the better, so I'm making my swoon quilt with 16 blocks instead of the usual 9. In order to still finish it this year I decided to make two blocks per month. This is my other block from January.

Well, as if I didn't have enough already going on I also joined in with the Hazel QAL making the Hazel Hedgehog quilt. This one is for my 8.5 year old and I had all but the solids in my stash! Hurray for Sew My Stash! This is going to be one awesome quilt with the Cotton and Steel basics.
 So, that's my crazy life this week. I'm also the Cubmaster for our local Cub Scout pack and we just finished up our Pinewood Derby on Friday - so glad that's over! It was fun but hard to plan and coordinate. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to actually have progress to show you next time! Linking up with WiP Wednesday.


  1. Swoon in Miss Kate is just perfect! Cannot wait to see it in the bigger size. I'm going to have to look up that Hedgehog QAL... I love Hazel! :-)

  2. The fox hat is so cute! :-) Your swoon is looking fabulous as well (excellent fabric choice) About how long does a block take? (and do you consider yourself fast, slow, or average?)
    Elizabeth's hedgehogs are adorable, so I'm sure that will be a fun quilt!
    Happy sewing ~ Tracy

  3. We are in the same group for the Cotton and Steel Mini Swap. This is my first so excited to see what to I end making and getting! I would love to work on the Swoon QAL but I have had so little sewing time and so many on my WIP list... I love that quilt and Miss Kate will be amazing in it!


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