Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quiltcon Prep in the Bag

I've have been having a ton of fun sewing in preparation for Quiltcon next week!! Three bags, a lanyard, and a new name tag. The first bag is my ALYoF goal for February. Check it out...

My awesome Sister-in-law has been sweet enough to house me during Quiltcon and drive me everywhere I need to go during my stay. I'm used to small town Iowa traffic so this is pretty awesome. As a thank you I made her this pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) Super Tote by Noodlehead with a super enlarged Harry Potter block front pocket. The fabric is all from Color Theory by V. and Co. for Moda.

I was worried about the recessed zip because I'd never done one before but it worked out really well. The lighting was such that I couldn't get a good shot of the inside but it was mostly yellow with navy pockets.

I also made myself a new name tag and a lanyard. LOVE! These are also Color Theory fabric. I used this tutorial and pieced mine with a mini charm pack.

When my SIL found out I was making her a bag she asked if she could pay me to make one for her friend. Hello spending money! I just love the Emily Bag pattern so I used that again with some Athena fabric by Angela Walters.

I love the pop of color for the zipper. Also pretty in love with this picture. I figured out how to make my camera (pretty ghetto point and shoot) focus on one thing while blurring the other. Feeling pretty good about myself here.
This bag is deceptively large. You can fit a person in it, which I have. Curious? Check it out here near the bottom.

After all that I still had time this week to make another Super Tote for myself. I love everything about this one but especially the fabric. This is Playful by Melody Miller for Cotton and Steel. Well, the navy is leftover Color Theory. I love how fun this is and so me - the colors and prints both. I adore novelty prints on bags and pouches.

Here's a closeup of the fabric. You can also see my top stitching which I kept pretty dang straight this time too.

I was worried the jacks print might be too busy for the straps and the recessed zip part but I'm pretty in love with it.

Here's the inside, more jacks and the navy Color Theory for the pockets.
 So there's my week. It was so fun breaking out from the world of quilting and finishing four sewing projects in one week! I also finished three crochet commission projects this week too but keep forgetting to take pictures during daylight hours. Next week - QUILTCON! Can you tell I'm excited?!

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  1. Great bags. I particularly like the Emily bucket bag- really pretty.

  2. Great bags! Your SIL and her friend are very lucky. Have a great time at QuiltCon!

  3. I'm sure you'll get lots of volunteers to fit in your bag and stowaway to Austin with you. Ran out of time to pull off making a Super Tote boo hoo. Love yours and hope to spot you in the halls of the convention center. My February LYOF was also a QuiltCon bag - so high five for that!

  4. I'm also heading from small town Iowa to QuiltCon next week - staying with a cousin. :) It will be my first, and I'm really looking forward to it. Love your bags!

  5. Oooh love your Super Tote! I'm a sucker for MM and i just love the combo of the jacks and veiwfinders for a bag! Awesome job!

  6. Loving the Super Totes! It's on my list to make myself one, and then one for everyone else i know!

  7. I am in love with your Super Tote bags! I have to get that pattern! Have fun at QuiltCon - I look forward to following your IG posts while you're there! :-)

  8. Great bags. Love your fabric choices, and the HP block is too cute.


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