Monday, March 30, 2015

Cable Knit Hat Finish and a Quilt Near Finish

I finished my cable knit hat and I'm so excited with how it turned out. This has been a long project for me and several times I was ready to give up but kept pushing. Then I switched to Addi Turbo needles and it made all the difference! With the change I was able to finish the hat in record time and mark off another finish from my Q1FAL list. This is number six. Check it out...

This is the Traveling Cable Hat pattern which can be found here for free from the Purl Bee. This was my first attempt at cables and I missed two crucial crossover stitches. One I did did a round later (because I couldn't figure out how to go backward with the cables) and the other I missed completely. Other than that it was a fairly straightforward concept and I just love the end result.

It's starting to get too warm for a hat here in Iowa but I'm willing to overlook that to show it off a bit. It looked crazy long and skinny when I was working on it but it stretched out nicely to fit pretty well in the end.

You can see the missed stitch on the bottom right. I keep telling myself it's not that bad and it's in the back. I'm still in love with the hat and super happy with my first attempt at cables.

Not only did I finish the hat but I've been on a super housewife streak lately. I've been doing my chores every day before I craft and not only is my house a much cleaner place but we're all happier too and I'm getting a ton done. Since my floor was so clean and I'd already moved the chairs to mop I quickly spray basted this quilt and then mopped again.

I'm quilting this one with straight lines every 1.5" and I'm loving how fast and easy it is after all the pebbles of my last quilt. I also adore this fabric, it is Road 15 by Sweetwater for Moda.

I've completed over half the quilt so far and should be done in time for the quarter finish linkup. This is number four on my list.
Thanks for stopping by! I'll probably post the quilt finish later this week if everything goes to plan.


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