Saturday, June 6, 2015

June ALYoF Goal and Progress

I was on a little trip yesterday and missed posting my Friday finish. I made great progress on a knitted elephant hat, finished a scripture bag for my son, and picked fabric and a pattern for my next swap in line. The swap project is my goal for June since it is due the start of July.

Here is what I have for my Anna Maria Horner mini quilt. I am going to make five blocks from the Raindrops pattern from the Fat Quarter Style book. I will finish this as my goal for June. I am super excited about this one and can't wait to see it come together.

My son needed a new scripture bag. His old one decomposed at nearly every seam after only about a year and a half of use. I made this one up by myself taking the things I liked from several different bags. It took about 1/2 yard of fabric that my boy picked out and one 18" double pull zip. I'm so happy with it and already planning my next one.

I'm making great progress on my elephant hat too. This one is also part of a swap due in early July. My daughter was sad that I'm letting this one out of our house so I may need to make her one in the future.

I'm making my step-dad new couch pillows for Father's Day. I have cut them out since this picture and just love the Hex N More ruler! It made cutting out three pillows super-quick and almost fun - I am not a fan of the cutting stage.

Last week I showed off what I sent in my swaps and this week you can see what I got in return. I can't believe I was lucky enough to snag this one. I tried this block before and it was a miserable failure. I love how she did the colors and the awesome text background! The little extras were perfect too.

Here's the basket that I got in return on that swap. I can't believe the amazing extras she included. It was so fun. The basket was fun too, especially the lining fabric. The colors are so me too.
Well, that's me for the week, thanks for stopping by! Not much progress as we were out of town for three days but I took my knitting along and love how much I got done there. Next week I hope to put those pillows together and get started on my AMH mini.


  1. Julie! Love the bag you made - how cool! And I cannot wait to see those pillows - I'm really liking the fabric you chose for them.

  2. What great projects! And you are right, you got a great swap quilt. Good luck with your finish.


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