Friday, June 19, 2015

Knit All the Things!

My house has been taken over by a love of knitting and I couldn't be happier. However, that does mean I don't have a sewing project for a finish this week. I do have several knitting things for you to enjoy and the promise of a sewing finish in the near future.

I finished putting these together for my AMH swap and a library bag. I was so excited to finished these up but I got distracted with a few things.

First was this. I love how it turned out. It's based off of Thimble Blossoms Norway pattern. I got the piece of wood from Hobby Lobby and just worked out the pattern.

Then Hobby Lobby struck again with knitting looms! LOVE! My three big kids were able to do it totally on their own! The baby made a good effort and Alex would try for a few stitches and move on. They were so fun to work on. My kids even sat and knitted with me as we watched a movie last night. My husband says he needs better power tools or something to bring them over to his side.

Then we got this awesome pom-pom maker in the mail and had to make some of those to add to them.

Here's our finished projects. One for each kid and an extra.

The big three in the back made their own with very little or no help. They all picked their yarn, one new skein from the store and one from stash.

In between helping them I finished up this! This is the North Star Hat you can find the pattern on Craftsy here.

I'm pretty in love with it but can't decide if it is for me or to sell. The colors and pattern are perfect but I'm kind of in a hat knitting craze lately and have so many hats.
Well, that's me for the week. I'm so excited about what's been happening here. The kids and I are having great fun in the Summer so far. We have activities for each day of the week but our happiest times are on Library Monday and Crafty Thursday. I'm linking these up with my favorite stops. TGIFF and Finish It Up Friday.

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