Friday, July 31, 2015

Sailor Tops x3 plus Quilting Starts

I finished my new Sailor Tops this week. They are number four on my Q3FAL list. I also made one for my mom because she ran out of time while she was here. The swap mini is coming along nicely and I have begun quilting. I also started quilting Miya's quilt. It's been a fun and productive week!

Here they are! Two more Sailor Tops for me and #4 crossed off my Q3FAL list. I really really love these! They are pretty easy to sew. As a point of reference - these are the only tops I've ever made. I've made some skirts and dresses once previously with a lot of hand holding. The Sailor Top also comes out so great and flattering! I love how it hides any kind of mommy-post-five-kids belly.

I also had time to whip this one up for my mom. She left before it was finished and luckily we are the same size and I love sewing them. I told her to leave it behind and I got it shipped off the next day. My mom fully planned on making this and another herself but started off with the other one. The fabric was a bit slinky and kept sliding and puckering on her. After we both declared it a fail beyond repair she didn't want to take the time away from the grandchildren to try again. Julie to the rescue!

I began quilting this one this week after I pieced it together on Wednesday. It was a fast and fun little block and I hope my partner will be pleased with her mini. So far I've quilted in the ditch and now I will fill in the white areas with pebbles, my favorite lately!

While waiting for my mom to arrive and finish cutting her tops I started quilting on Miya's quilt. I've completed about half of it but this is the only picture I have so far. She wanted me to do a large-scale meander in variegated thread. I was a bit nervous at first, I didn't want to mess up my baby's hard work, but I got about this far into it and loved it! She loves it too and after my swap package is done I'm going to dive right back into this.

That's me for the week. Thanks for stopping by! I hope to finish both the bottom projects to show off next week. Miya is so happy about how her quilt is turning out and already has number two planned. I'm linking up with TGIFF and Finish It Up Friday.


  1. I love your tops! I went back on your blog to find the pattern. Thanks! The tops look fab on you.

  2. Nice job on the tops. Keep meaning to try garment sewing again but never seem to make the time.

  3. Oh the tops look fantastic, I must check out that pattern and I love your mini block, wouldn't it be amazing as a giant block quilt! And I'm looking forward to seeing Miya's finished quilt 😀

  4. The tops look fabulous on you! Are you using regular cotton for those? I would love to try sewing simple tops for myself.

  5. I think you have talked me into buying that pattern. All of your tops look great!


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