Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This quilt was by far the most complex and beautiful I've ever made.  I made it for my husband's brother and his new wife.  It involved countless hours of hand tracing and hand cutting all the tiny pieces.  There were around 1,400 pieces each hand cut (some of them twice).  I used a pattern from a book called "The Ultimate Collection of Classic Quilt Blocks."  As it turns out the football piece of their pattern was wrong.  All of the other pieces were drawn with the seam allowance included this one was not.  I didn't know that until after I traced and cut each one and then tried to sew it together.  In the end I had to create my own football shape and it worked out but it sure was a pain in the meantime.

Here a picture of the work in progress.  It was so hard to keep my four small children out of all of these pieces as I tried to sew them all together.

Here are all the pieces really for the big assembly time.  It seemed to take forever to get to this point.

After I found out the footballs were wrong I had to make a new pattern piece, retrace and recut them.  It's a good thing I had extra fabric.

All the footballs came together quickly after I got the pieces right.  There were so many variations and they are all piled in like patterns.

I sent it off to the quilter and decided to hand sew the binding.  It takes a long time but it looks so much better than anything I can do by machine.  I didn't want to do that much work on a quilt and have it look bad around the edge.

Here's a close-up of the rings.

This is the backing fabric I picked.

The finished quilt.  I'm seriously in love!

Here is the one and only time it ever sat on my bed.  Like nearly every other project I make it was a gift.  My husband says I have to stop making beautiful things to give away to other people.  Maybe one day I'll put in that much work for myself.

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