Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quilt Progress for Two

Miya and I made some progress on our next sewing goals this week. I also finished the quilt for the wedding but she wanted it to be a surprise so I have to post it either later today or tomorrow. My kids got involved a lot in my sewing this week and it was fun to do it together.

So I've mentioned before how I do random involves a big brown paper sack and a lot of stirring. Well, when the fabric comes in a nice stack, like a charm pack, it doesn't mix well because they are all a little stuck together. So, I pass out a pile to each of the kids and they toss them in the bag one at a time stirring every once in a while. All five of my kids got involved with this, you can even see the baby poking her head in to see what's happening.

So, after all their help I ended up with all this Kate Spain awesomeness in a bag ready for sewing. I reach in the bag, grab one without looking, and then sew away.

This is the rest of the fabric I needed for my quilt with the lines already drawn on the squares for the star points. This is Kona Silver and it looks awesome with all the various prints from Kate Spain's fabrics.

Here's an in progress shot. I have half of the star points sewn onto the squares and I'm making good progress with the second points. I'm planning on turning these into a modified Charming Stars quilt.
Now onto Miya's progress:

She got all the fabric cut out for her first quilt. We're all pretty excited about this over here. She is using the Daydreams pattern from the book Sunday Morning Quilts. She picked the pattern and the fabric all by herself after looking through all my quilt books. I love the background purple fabric that she picked to go with it.

She had a hard time cutting all this fabric - not an attention span issue - it was more of a "I'm too short to reach all the way cutting it!" issue. I loved it. So I had to fold the fabric in half again and then she had to push really hard to get through all the layers.

She's a total pro with the iron now. While she was pressing these she was humming and dancing around. It was pretty adorable! My iron also does a puff of steam every once in a while and she just LOVED that. It was adorable, she giggled every time and said "puff!"

Here are all her pieces pressed and ready to go. She's nearly ready for the part where all the pieces go together in rows and it gets big quickly.
Well, that's it for us this week. We're linking up over at Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome week in the sewing room. I am loving all the fabric you and your daughter have been playing with and I can't wait to see the finished projects!

  2. What an interesting post, I enjoyed reading this, I love how everybody gets involve in the process and I take good note on your random technique...:) Your daughter is doing such a fantastic job!


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