Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WiP Wednesday: All At Once

I have been into a lot of things this week. This is my busiest month for sewing. On the list this month was three quilts, a pillow, an octopus, my blocks for the Supernova Friendship Swap, and several crochet hats. I've already finished my Michael Miller challenge quilt (posted here), the pillow (posted here), and the supernova blocks, most of the octopus as well as a few hats. Check it out...

Here are my blocks for the Supernova Friendship Swap this month. I love how they turned out! This is one of my favorite colors lately and I'm so proud of myself that all of this fabric came from my stash. I mailed out my partner's block on Monday.

Here's the octopus. Isn't it lovely?! I'm so proud of myself. I had a few frustrating moments with this little thing but it worked out pretty well in the end. It still needs and embroidered face and a little bow before I give it to Ruby for her first birthday next week. (!!!) How did that year go by so fast? I found this adorable pattern here.

This is the beginnings of the next quilt on my list. I need to have it done in less than two weeks so it can me mailed in time for me niece's wedding on August 2nd. It could happen, maybe. I have all the HST made and half of the 320 pressed. I need to finish pressing and then trim. After that it's just some simple web piecing and quilt/bind. Okay, that sounds like a lot. I better get moving!!

These are the last things I've been working on. They are some fluffy sheep hats I'm working on for my shop/craft fair. Last year I was really unprepared for the craft fair and if I had more pre-made hats I would have made a ton of money. So when I watch TV at night with the hubby I work on crochet hats as well. It's pretty relaxing.
Well, that's it for this week. I need to get going on my wedding quilt to get it done in time! I also have to finish up that octopus for next Thursday. It's going to be another busy one. I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday.


  1. I love my block! ;-). Now I can't wait for it to get here. I put yours in the mail early last week so you should get it soon. I love the octopus too... I can't believe how much patience and talent you have!

  2. That octopus is darling! I tried doing one not half as challenging as that one and I gave up. You persevered!


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