Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Squared Stripe Quilt - With Pattern

This quilt is based off a quilt called "Lacquer Luster" from a pattern book called "Great American Quilts Book Nine."  In the original quilt all of the stripes were different widths and I can't handle variation like that.  Thus I wrote a new pattern for an evenly constructed quilt.

Squared Stripe Quilt - Finished size 45" x 60"

3/8 yard of 5 different blues
3/8 yard of 5 different yellows
1/3 yard each of two contrasting fabric for corners
2 yards backing
1 crib size batting (45" x60")

Cut 5 - 2" strips of each of the blue and yellow fabrics.
Cut 4 - 2 1/4" strip of each color for corner fabric.

Sew one of each of the five blue colors together to make a big long strip.  Do this for all the blue and all of the yellow strips.
You now have five big blue strips with one of each of the colors and the same with the yellow.  Subcut these strips into 8" squares.  You will get five squares per strip.
Set the 25 blue and the 25 yellow squares aside.

Take the corner fabric 2 1/4" strips and cut those into 2 1/4" squares.  You will need 70 of each color.

Arrange your blocks on the floor the way you would like them.  I put all of my yellow blocks in the middle and the blue ones around the outside.  I had one extra of each block which I later made into a pillow.  I also make sure to turn every other block so some of the stripes were vertical and some were horizontal.  Now that they are all laid out you can pick up one at a time and sew on the corner blocks.

Make sure to only sew the corners on the inner seams and to alternate every other color.  This way the corner triangles will always be across from each other but never touching.  (refer to the picture for a better idea of this).

Once the corners are all on you can pick up the squares and sew them together into the quilt top.  Quilt and bind as desired.

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