Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tigger Quilt with Directions

I adore this quilt!  It was my first attempt at applique and while I think I rocked it I have learned so much since.  For example, if you use iron fusible web make sure you sew around the entire appliqued piece, that way, when you wash it, the pieces will stay in place and not shift or curl.

For this quilt I started out with pictures of Tigger that I found on the internet.  I took them to a copy store and had them enlarged to the size I wanted them to be.  Then, to make the lines easier to see I traced them with a Sharpie.  Once they were all traced I labeled each section what color it would be and gave them each a number to make it easier later.  Then I took the fusible web.  It has a thin paper side and the scratchy Iron on side.  You place it on your picture, paper side up, then trace all the shapes of the same color.   For example, on this quilt, you would start with all the black stripes.  Trace out each stripe and make sure to write the number on the paper to keep the pieces straight.  When finished cut off the section you traced and iron it onto the wrong side of the black fabric.  Cut out each shape, you can do this all at once or as you need them.

Once you have all your pieces traced, ironed on, and cut out you are ready for assembly.  It's a pretty quick process.  Start with the base pieces.  Peel off the paper, place them where you want them and iron on.  Sew around each piece before ironing on the next piece.  I use a button hole stitch or anything with a bit of a zig zag to it.  Add a few boarders and finish up.  Voila!

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