Wednesday, September 26, 2012

HST Pink FInish

I'm excited to post about the HST Pink finish!  It was such a fun quilt to make and my first attempt at an entire quilt of half square triangles.  I chose a chevron pattern and made it kind of scrappy and while I'm typically not a fan of scrappy I just adore how this one came out.  Here's all the details the bold links lead to other posts related to this quilt...

In early April I joined up with the One Thing, One Week Challenge hosted by Amy at Amy's Creative Side.  I did it to get motivated on my Skill Builder Sampler blocks but as a bonus I won the giveaway for the week.  It was this fat quarter bundle of super pink fabric.  I was excited to get it and then it promptly sat on my shelf for nearly the next five months.
 Enter my cute very pregnant friend.  I was visiting at her house and mentioned that I could make her a quilt for her baby.  She got adorably excited and I couldn't wait to get started.  She was having a cute little girl in two weeks and I was excited to make her a quilt.  I knew I was going to use the pink bundle but I had no idea what to make with it.  I bounced a few ideas around and landed on a bunch of white and pink half square triangles.  I had to supplement a little with some pink from my stash and I already had some white.  On August 28th after only 60 minutes on my Accuquilt Go! I had all 560 little 3" triangles cut.  Hurray for the Go!

I had a lot of interruptions with this quilt.  I had to finish my Tetris quilt, then I made some cute booties and a hat for my other friend.  Her baby was born on September 7th and by the 19th I had all the squares pieced together.

It went pretty quickly after that.  By the next day, the 20th I had the whole top pieced.  I had a bit of a hard time deciding on quilting but I decided to stitch in the ditch along the pink edges to accentuate the zigzag.  I asked for advice here on my blog and on facebook and nearly everyone liked that way better.

I did the quilting on the 23rd and 24th and after the binding and a quick wash it was ready to deliver on the 25th when I was visiting my friend at her house again.

Since I finished it at nearly 11pm I didn't have the lighting I needed to get a good picture.  I brought my camera and took some photos at her house. It worked out nicely because I got to take a picture of her adorable baby on the quilt I made for her.  Isn't she just precious?!  She was even dressed to match!  I just love making projects for other people especially when they are as excited as my cute friend was over it!
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  1. Love your quilt. I have been wanting to make a zig-zag HST quilt for a while now.

  2. That is just adorable! I love it! Someday I'm gonna make one like it... I just have to add it to my already l-o-n-g list of "gonna-make-someday". : ) It's beautiful!


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