Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WiP Wednesday: The Smattering

 I have a bunch of random things I'm working on right now.  I'm trying to get a lot done before my Sister's visit in less than two weeks.  My craft room will be converted to a guest bedroom while she and her family are here and I wanted to get a lot of my works in progress finished up before I have to move my sewing table out.  With a bunch of different crafty things all in various stages of completion I'm linking up to WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

As always, I love to start with the finish.

I finished up my HST pink quilt for my friend's baby who was born on the 7th of this month.  I adore how it turned out and her super-cute and happy reaction to seeing it completed.  To see more pictures, even one of her sweet baby, follow this link.

Now on to my quilting work in progress...

I also started quilting my Christmas quilt.  I began this quilt back in January and finished the top in February then it just sat there on the back burner.  I got excited about in again in July when I attempted to spray baste it.  That was an adventure found in this post.  Since it was a Christmas quilt I really didn't feel any need to rush it.  Now I'm wanting it done before my craft room briefly becomes a guest bedroom.  It's been sitting in a corner on the floor and I really want it out of the way.  Thus I began the quilting.  I'm going in the ditch around the swirls.  In this block I outlined all the red pieces.  It took me about 30 minutes and there are nine of these in the quilt.  It should go pretty quickly and I might even have it done before my sister gets here in about ten days.

Finally a bit of crochet...

I have really big feet.  Seriously, they are a women's size 13.  Didn't know women's sizes went that large?  Well, they typically don't.  Most of my shoes are either really expensive or men's shoes.  It seriously hampers my cuteness let me tell you.  Another downside to large feet is that I can't really find cute socks that fit me.  I adore wearing cute socks!!  Women's socks make my toes curl over and it's quite uncomfortable.  For years I have sacrificed for fashion but no more!!  I have learned how to crochet my own socks!!!  I'm so excited and the pattern even has an adjustment for huge feet like mine!  Here's my little started bit.  This is after a few hours working on it while hanging out with my kids.  I kept trying it on and my hubby would laugh at me saying he didn't think it was big enough yet.

I haven't has as much time as I'd like to work on them but they are getting bigger.  The yarn is self-striping which is pretty awesome!  I found so many other adorable colors I can't wait!  Although, shortly after I began these socks I went to the men's section at Target and they actually have some super-cute socks on clearance right now for about $2.  They even had some with pink!  I snatched up three pair of cuteness to tide me over until I finish these up, which may not happen until the spring at this point!
Thanks for stopping by and reading about my projects for this week!


  1. That pink quilt is lovely! I have also started pair of socks but I'm knitting, it's much faster.

  2. You ever think about a career in foot modeling? Nice arches! I feel ya on the big feet - 11 here. But good luck socking! I have never tried to crochet a sock, just knit.
    happy WIPing!

  3. Totally loving that pink quilt!

  4. I love that you're making socks!!


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