Friday, April 15, 2016

Baable Hat Finish

Since my Q2 FAL list is so long I really need to finish and share something every week if I want to get them all completed. I don't know if that is humanly possible but I was so close with the Baable hat that I chose this one to share first. I worked on it all day and finished it up. Check it out...

Love it! I made my last Baable Hat with fingering weight yarn and while I loved it I was seeing some other people make them with fluffier yarn and liked that too. I love how it fills in the pattern more and looks so warm and cozy.

I also went with worsted weight to make it a bit more slouchy. I love it when I can tuck all my hair into my hats too and not just my noodle. I may be a bit too slouchy but I love it anyway. Also a bonus - I had all this yarn in my stash leftover from a previous project. Hooray for another 100% stash project!
 That's me for the week. Thanks for stopping by! I hope to finish quilting the Boat House baby quilt to share next week. Until then I'm linking up with all the fabulously talented people at Finish It Up Friday.


  1. Nice hat!! Too bad you won't have to wear it for very long now that spring is finally here! :-)

  2. Baable is a perfect name for this darling hat! Love your colors, too.

  3. This is SUPER cute! Sure glad you finished this! I'm visiting on behalf of the FAL hosting team - thanks so much for joining us!


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