Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Second Quarter FAL Goals

I did so well crossing things off my list last quarter (12 of 15) that I decided to go with another long list. Several of these are well on their way and should finish quickly but others have just the fabric and pattern pulled. I'm excited to see what comes of this quarter for me. Without further ado and in no particular order - my list...

#1 Norway Quilt - This bunch of awesome is going to become a scrappy Norway quilt with a low volume background. I'm so excited about this and have been planning and collecting for a while.

#2 Vintage Modern quilt - I have been collecting and sitting on this for a while now and I think I finally decided on a pattern! On a Whim from Thimble blossoms has struck my fancy which is funny because she made the original with Vintage Modern.

#3 Blue Swiss Quilt - I have seen many color variations of the Swiss quilt on IG and decided I had to have one in blue (my favorite). So this blue bundle magically landed in my cart and will happen this quarter, I hope.

#4 Horizon Scrappy Swoon - I have had these Horizon by Kate Spain jelly rolls hanging out in my house for a while now and couldn't decide what to do with them. I've seen a few Patchwork Swoon quilts around and decided that was the plan for me!

#5 Flower Girl Quilt - I knew I had to have a fat quarter bundle of Hello Darling when it came out. Then when I saw the Flower Girl pattern I knew they were perfect for each other! Now, to create!

#6 Circuit Quilt - I have made all of my kids three quilts except my oldest. He couldn't decide what he wanted exactly. Then I was sorting through my Alison Glass and he got inspiration. He wanted a scrappy Alison Glass quilt (without the girly colors) and a low volume background with a simple pattern. I think this totally fits the bill! The Circut quilt is in the Fat Quarter Style book.

#7 Plume Quilt - My oldest daughter just transferred over to a queen bed. This calls for a new quilt! I'm using this Meadow Bloom bundle I won in a giveaway. We all pretty excited about this one.

#8 Crochet Hot Pads - We moved within the last month and I found so many stash things that I'd forgotten about, including this yarn. It was intended to be hot pads and so it shall! One a piece.
#9 Baable Hat - This project stalled out about two weeks ago. I am nearly done but lacking motivation since the weather suddenly is beautiful. I'd like it done so I can have my project bag back and cross it off the list.

#10 Sparklettes Quilt - This one was on the to make list for so long! I finally got everything I needed to work on it and basted it today. All that's left is to quilt and bind!

#11 Red Farm Girl Vintage - I joined the IG FGV quilt along when it first started and then fizzled out. When we moved I saw this blocks again and had to make them into something! This quilt will be for me and is a collection of my favorite blocks.

#12 Green Farm Girl Vintage - The rest of the blocks I turned into a quilt for my Mother-In-Law. It's been her turn for a while but I've been lacking inspiration. I love this for her though.

#13 Woven Quilt - This quilt has been all cut out and ready to go for years. I kid you not - YEARS! It is my second oldest wip and I want it finished. I hope it makes it this quarter.

#14 Boat House Quilt - This quilt is a commission and needs to be finished by next month. I finished putting it together yesterday and hope it will be the first thing crossed off my list.
Well, that's it! I'm excited about this list. There are a few more things that I hope to finish but I don't have all the fabric or a firm plan so I left them off the list. We'll see how I do. Linking up with Q2 FAL goals.


  1. Wowee! You are mighty ambitious! Good luck and happy sewing!

  2. Another great list Julie! Have fun with it! :-)

  3. Good luck with your projects and thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts!

  4. Gorgeous work!! Love the baable hat - I want to make one of those too.

  5. You certainly are the girl with a plan! I should try to be more like you instead of always flying by the seat of my pants! Good luck accomplishing this fun list!


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