Monday, January 4, 2016

Whale Mini and Cable Hat Finishes

I have my first two finishes of the new year to share with you today. One of them only took me a few hours and the other was started last week. The Preppy the Whale mini was #8 on my Q4 FAL list so I'm glad I eeked it in just in time for the linkup.

Here's my finished Preppy the Whale mini. This project was 100% stash and start to finish was about five hours with dinner and bedtime breaks. I super love it!

I used the serpentine stitch on my sewing machine to make it look like waves on the quilt. I had just the right amount of Navy to bind the quilt too making it understated yet contrasting at the same time. I'm super happy with this one! I may make more of these in the future.

 I also had time for finish up this Cable Knit hat this week. I love it, especially the color. This is my second attempt at cable knitting and it worked out so well! I had better needles this time (Addi Turbo) and it made all the difference. The pattern is Henrietta Hat.
Well, that's me so far this week. I had to get this finish posted so I could link it up to the Q4 Finish Party. I am planning on making my Q1 FAL list this week so you can hop on back for that. I've got a lot of fun projects in my brain just waiting to come out!

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  1. I am in love with those whales! That is such a cute mini! :-)


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