Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spoil Me Spa Cloth

I found the pattern for this washcloth here.  It looked simple enough so I gave it a go.  The center which totally looked complex was the easy part.  In the end I was supposed to go around single crochet and when I finished that I was supposed to do a reverse single crochet in each of those.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do a reverse single crochet.  I saw many pictures and watched a few videos and tried and tried again but I couldn't manage it.  Thus it just has one row of boarder not too.  Oh well, it still looks pretty nice.  I don't like that I found something I can't do though so I may just have to practice, practice, practice.  Now I know how my friend feels that can't figure out how to crochet at all.

I like the yellow and white colorway.  In the pattern they suggested using a solid color in the middle but I like the variegated.

This colorway is so beautiful!  It's called Ivy League and it is made by Peaches and Cream.  You can find it at Walmart in a large cone for less than $8.  The green edge was a fun touch and makes it look more finished than I think the yellow turned out.

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