Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crochet Dishcloth

 When I was trying to show my friend how to make a washcloth I figured the simpler the better since she was new at it.  I found this pattern in the back of my book called "I Can't Believe I"m Crocheting!"  It's an awesome book with really detailed picture that I often refer to even though I've been crocheting for nearly seven years now.

Here's the dishcloth with blue variegated cotton yarn.  It took the whole skein but they're tiny and cheap.  You can get them at Walmart for $1.77, I think.

This is the cover of the book I have.  I think they may have updated the cover because when I googled it I had a hard time finding this one.  I can totally see how they'd do that since this one was printed in '95.


  1. This friend really STINKS at it right now. hopefully she will get better with time. Lots and lots of time! :) Thanks for your patience and help. You're awesome and super talented!

  2. You're welcome. I really need to show you my first crochet effort. I found it yesterday. I really stunk at it too! Seriously don't give up and I'm ready to help more whenever you need.


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