Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fierce Little Dragon

 After crocheting the seal and elephant I was hooked on amigurumi.  I have my brother's family in our Christmas rotation and I wanted something cool for his boys.  I wanted them to be mostly the same with a little variation so they could tell whose was whose.  I landed on this fierce little dragon (pattern here) and I knew this was the one I wanted to do.  I decided to make a practice one first just in case I messed up.  I really want them to all be the same.  This is what came out of my practice run.  I messed up a little on the wings and I couldn't figure out how to sew on the claws on the feet.  Also I had a little struggle finding safety eyes so I had to make due with buttons.  Now I know that if you want safety eyes they cannot be found at Walmart, Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby (in anything but huge black), and Hancock.  Ebay is totally the place to go.  They have so many colors and sizes to choose from it's crazy!

Top View

Side View

Front View
My little girl just loves him.  I think I'll have to make another one for us!

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Looking at making one of these each for my little Vikings. Is this the size that Lucy Ravenscar's pattern comes out? She says 28cm but it looks much bigger with your little girl holding it!
    I'm hoping to make a family eventually, so 2 big & 2 small.


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