Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Footstool Redo

 We bought this footstool at Target back in mid-2005.  It was so beautiful new and fluffy!  Over the next five years it took a lot of abuse and while the wood legs held up nicely the top did not fare too well.  I decided to recover it and get new stuffing but before I did I wanted to take some before pictures.

Here's the before from the side view.  Look how deflated the whole thing looks!

Here's the before from the top view.  It used to be very light colored beige.  It was suede which never does well with kids.

Here's the after picture!  I picked this fancy striped fabric that I fell in love with at Joann's.  It's the same fabric I used to recover my dining room chairs in 2009.  I'm glad they still had it.  Now even a year later it's still nice and fluffy and mostly clean.  Either way it's way better than it was before.  We didn't need to sew at all to make it either which was nice.  My hubby and I worked together and I held the fabric in place while he put in his heavy duty staples with his staple gun.  Tada!

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