Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Love My Cricut!

 My birthday was this week and my super amazing husband bought me a Cricut!  I'm so excited to play with it.  He did his research and picked out the Expression 2.  It has a fancy touch screen and two preloaded cartridges.  I have a few projects that I really need to get done right now but I keep finding myself going back to it and making quick fun little things.

I was so excited to get it open!  I suspected this was going to be my present but it was more fancy than the one I asked for so it was still a fun surprise.

My baby wanted to help me with the first Cricut cut. He was so excited when it was moving itself and I was loving seeing what it could do.

Here are my first Cricut creations. I love them. It was so fun and easy with no scissors involved! I'm so slow at cutting and even with the drama of learning a new machine and trying to figure out something I've never done before it was so much faster than I could have done on my own.

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