Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Apple Core Plaid Quilt with Directions

I've always loved the apple core design.  My husband lovingly refers to them as crushed beer cans and can't for the life of him remember apple core.  I had the idea of creating a sort of plaid woven look using four colors and it turned out so fun.  In case you want to make it, or if I ever want to make it again, I included the directions.  I cut the shapes using my fancy Accuquilt Go!  If you have one then great, if you don't then you'll have to find a template and cut them out individually.

Excuse the sideways picture.  It's the best I've got.

Plaid Apple Core Quilt - Finished size approx. 37" X 55.5"
Finished core size: 3" X 61/4"
8 cores by 12 cores = 96 cores.

Fabric needed:
3/4 yard* each of four different fabrics. 1) white 2) light blue 3) medium blue 4) dark blue
* You only need 3/4 yard but the people at the cut counter never seem to be able to cut straight, thus get a little more so you have some wiggle room.  Maybe 7/8 yard would do.
3/8 yard binding
1 2/3 yard backing fabric
Crib size batting (45" X 60")

Cut the 3/4 yard fabric into 4 - 6.5" strips each.  You can get 6 cores per strip.
Cut 24 cores of each color.

Start with a 3) medium blue core placed the tall way and sew a 2) light blue core to it.  Alternate until you have four of each for a total of eight cores.  Make 6 rows like this.

Start with a 1) white core placed the wide way and sew a 4) dark blue core to it.  Alternate until you have four of each for a total of eight cores.  Make 6 rows like this.

Sew the 12 rows together alternating rows for a total of 12 rows.

Quilt as desired.

Cut 5 - 2.5" strips.  Sew them together to make one really long strip. 
Fold in half width ways and iron flat.
Sew binding to quilt.  Fold over and hand sew to other side.


  1. How does sewing along the curve go? I'm going to make this pattern for Matthew for Christmas. I've just been curious about the curves and making sure they lay flat!

  2. The accuquilt die makes it so easy because they have little notches at the halfway point to make sure it's all still going well. It takes a few tries to get used to it but I found it was quite easy and went together really quickly. I made the quilt top in two days of free time.


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