Monday, October 31, 2011

Changing Pad Slip Cover

Having lived through two kids the cover on my changing table pad was definitely the worse for wear.  I thought about buying a new one but they had a lot with curved edges (which I didn't like) and they were expensive (which I didn't have money for).  So, as a thrifty alternative I decided to fashion a slipcover for my changing pad - best idea ever!  Here's how I did it...

I went to target and found a vinyl table cloth that I liked.  It happened to be January at the time and they had a lot of Valentine's stuff out.  I loved these hearts.  I bought a big table cloth for maybe $6 and then was able to make four changing pad covers from it.  I measured my changing pad and added two inches to each side.  I measured the length and added four inches.  I cut out my pieces.  Then I hemmed one end of the skinny side.  I folded it lengthwise with right sides together.  I made one side the same as my changing table and the other half about 3.5" longer.  Sewed down the sides - flipped right side out.  Put in my foam pad and tucked the long end around and inside the other end.  Voila - beautiful and festive changing pad cover.

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