Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kite Quilt - What I Learned.

I love the idea for this quilt.  I love the fabric, I love the design, I love how I tied it with ribbon for the kite strings instead of quilting it, and I love (mostly) how it turned out.  However, I'm a perfectionist and the outer boarder really had some struggles.  Here's what I learned so you don't make the same mistake...

- Make sure all cuts are precise!  Especially with the smaller pieces.  The smaller the pieces the more seams and the more room for it to be all crazy and not lined up.

- Cut the boarders to match your quilt.  Even if it makes it smaller (or larger) than you planned on it being.  Stuff happens and if the boarder matches your quilt it won't tent, bunch, stretch, or look in any way bad.

- Leave PLENTY of room with the backing.  DO NOT TRIM UNTIL IT'S DONE!  That is the huge failing with this quilt.  Notice the bottom right corner.  It's all rolled over and crazy because I thought I cut the back to the right size.  I thought I had the boarders all right, and I thought it would work out fine.  I thought wrong.

- Accept that quilting is an art.  It's hard work.  However, even with the flaws that will inevitably occur,  it's still BEAUTIFUL!

You can find this pattern in a book called "Our Best Seasonal Quilts"  I love the book and have used it several times.

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