Monday, October 31, 2011

Lion Costume

I got the inexplicable urge to sew a Halloween costume for my son back in 2006.  I found a pattern that I loved and decided to roll with it.  It was a McCalls pattern #8938.  It looks like this...

I picked the lion in the middle and was so excited to get started I bought all the stuff right there.

Later that week I finished the body of the costume.  Although it looked quite complex it was much easier than I thought it would be.  It slipped on just like jammies and had a long zipper in the back.  I love the ribbon on the tail and chest because it ties in the head piece so much better.

The head piece took me a few weeks to complete.  I decided to glue the ribbons on instead of sewing them on because it was difficult to get the whole hat into my sewing machine without catching another part of it.  I love my little guy's chubby face!

Here's the finished product without the cute kid inside.  It was so warm which is perfect for Iowa in the fall.

In the end it was totally worth all the work.  My little guy was 15 months old and he just loved it.  He even learned to roar for Halloween.

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