Friday, October 21, 2011

I Love My... Yarn Tainer

As a mother of four small children and an avid crafter I love anything that makes my life easier.  Snapware makes something called a Yarn Tainer and it has seriously improved my crocheting experience.

Here it is.  You just plop in the entire skein, thread the end through the hole one the top and viola, you're ready to go!  The worst things my kids can do to my yarn now is pull out more.   It stays tangle-free and seriously makes me a happier person.  This is obviously a stock photo because I don't knit but you get the idea.  FABULOUS!

A quick tip for when you're storing yarn but not using it... Grab a bit of yarn from the inside and close it in the lid, that way you can't pull anymore out through the top.

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