Monday, October 31, 2011

Felt Christmas Stockings

My mother made me a felt stocking when I was a baby that I have used for every Christmas.  When I got married I decided I liked the look of it so much I've made one for my husband and each of my children (we have four).  I have looked around and Herrschners is the best place anywhere to find them.  They have so many to choose from and they often have great sales too.  I highly recommend this for fun and pretty easy stockings.  A quick tip when working with a felt kit - only cut out one piece at a time.  That way you won't forget which piece is which and it will save you lots of trouble.  Also I used a big tupperware bowl for my floss, beads, and sequins.  It was so easy to pick them out from there and then put the lid on in between sewing sessions.

My husband's stocking is on the far left.  My eldest son's is in the middle.  Mine that my mother made me is on the far right.

Miya is my second child.  I loved how fun this stocking was and it's so sparkly.

Amelia is my third baby.  I wanted each stocking to have something different on it and we were having a hard time deciding what to get.  I love the bears around the campfire and it seems like it will work for her when she's older too.

This stocking was the easiest and the fastest by far but I still think it looks great.  They had a musical thing you were supposed to put inside the drum that played a song when you pushed it but I left that out.  It seems like it would be fun until the battery died then you'd just have this thing sitting in there.

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